New-Delhi Based Duo Shoals Make Their Debut With Surreal New ‘Mad Turf’ EP!

Shoals Mad Turf EP

New Delhi-based act Shoals comprised of Sidharth Gupta and Utkarsh Varma are the newest duo in town, and they have now released their debut EP ‘Mad Turf‘. A 7-track effort inspired by the sounds of artists such as Massive Attack, Kaytranada and Steven Wilson amongst others, the record showcases songs that blend various tastes and flavors of these influences into a uniquely amalgamated audio experience.

Primarily known for being fine instrumentalists, their latest project sees them delve into electronic-based production and songwriting. What proves to be a fine outing for the duo, the EP kicks off with ‘WeeVille‘. A dark, moody atmosphere which surrounds listeners, the track fades into ‘Ppl‘ whose complex nature proves to be its biggest ally. With ‘Robot-Feline Companionship‘, the EP marks a major switch up within its proceedings.

As we move forward, one of the EP’s biggest highlights, ‘Gnomish‘ makes a solid appearance. A densely layered effort accompanied by brooding vocals courtesy Balbus, who adds to the mystery weaved up by the tune itself, Shoals’ musical skills truly come to the foray. A lovely arrangement which graces ‘Cuddly Whiskers‘, the track plays out almost perfectly for each of its elements to bloom spectacularly.

Marking itself as the penultimate track on the EP, ‘Death Rays‘ might just qualify as bipolar in nature. Following a frenetic intro, the track hits calmer pastures before you know it. Moreover, its ambient-inspired soundscapes further helps its cause to settle itself down inside listeners’ ears. At the end of it all, ‘Freegos‘ not only closes things down, but also enables listeners to connect the dots spread throughout the course of the EP.

By the time this monumental close passes by, we can’t help but highlight Shoals’ emotive instrumentation and highly introspective production which covers the entirety of their EP. A fine debut for the up and coming duo, Sidharth Gupta also talked about the sound of their latest record saying:

 “It’s loner music. Our goal was to create something intimate that you could listen to on your headphones with your eyes closed. Hopefully it will take you on a trip of self-discovery. We know it’s done that for us.

Stream the EP below and don’t forget to grab your copy via Bandcamp.

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