Did ODESZA Just Hint At New Music With Cryptic Spotify Playlist?


Seattle-based duo ODESZA rose to stardom following the massive success of their sophomore album ‘In Return‘ which was released back in 2014. Since then, three years have gone by, and as we (im)patiently wait for new music from the high profile acts, it looks like the wait is soon about to come to an end!

If we’re to go by a cryptic Spotify playlist that has been posted by the duo themselves, a never seen before artwork graces the cover which hints at the idea that ODESZA might be dropping new music soon. With the title of the playlist which reads ‘…._/ ..___…..’, one passionate fan went a step ahead to discover that the title is Morse code, and in fact says ‘4/25’. Moreover, having previously announced that they are working on a new album, it looks like our wishes are about to come true on April 25th.

Check out the screenshots below and stay tuned for the latest updates!


H/T: River Beats

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