Mark Knight, Green Velvet & Rene Amesz – Live Stream (Original Mix)

Mark Knight Live Stream

One of top artist collaborations this year, Toolroom head-honcho Mark Knight with house legend Green Velvet, has been creating enormous buzz in the house/tech house music space lately, and it is now finally that ‘Live Stream’ has seen light of the day. A blend of two diverse styles has lead to the creation of something sparkling new that is unheard of, while the track encapsulates current trending scenario of humans getting immensely moved by technology. Hypnotic and recursive bassline flows from the start as the tech house number picks up and moves towards the massive breakout with mind-bending vocals which talks of the worries and paranoia of a digital generation that is constantly monitored and surveyed. A compelling and unforgettable record to say the least, Mark KnightRene Amesz and Green Velvet’s ‘Live Stream’ is now available and you can get it off Beatport. Stream the single below:

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