Watch This: Eric Prydz Shares Mindblowing Visuals From His Upcoming EPIC 5.0 Show

Eric Prydz confirmed the return of his EPIC show to London in November, 2016, promising fans that the show will be his most technologically advanced yet. With the tickets for the show having been sold out in a mere 4 days, it’s easy to assume that the Swedish maestro already has his fans excited.

Now, staying true to his promise of giving fans a show they’ve never seen before, Prydz took to his Facebook page to share a short video clip of a hologram that is bound to be used at EPIC 5.0, and it looks nothing short of AMAZING! Now we know every single one of Eric Prydz‘s EPIC shows have been nothing short of spectacular, and from the likes of it, EPIC 5.0 will take it one notch higher.

Check out the clip here below to see for yourself.

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