Boombox Cartel – Cartel [EP]

Boombox Cartel Cartel EP

The Mexican bass music duo, Boombox Cartel have unleashed their debut EP, Cartel. Known for their distinctive sound and bass heavy trap anthems, the duo have unveiled their first long project with this EP.

The five-track EP opens with an emotion-stirring intro track, ‘Phoenix‘. Starting off with lush synth pads, the song unveils its dynamic elements. Setting a tone for the EP, this track contains a great deal of anticipation. Dropping with a fast moving yet touching synths and quick drum fills, the track soon delivers you to the prelude of the next track.

Teased in the outro of the opening track, the arpeggio gradually takes its intended speed and unveils the next song, ‘Jefe‘. Boombox Cartel released this song as a free download last month. Building from that arpeggio, the track drops some serious heat with its quirky and aggressive trap sound.

The midpoint of EP turns out to be yet another single, ‘Alamo‘. Boombox Cartel have fused their aggressive and bass heavy sound with a contrasting style on the break with delicate vocals of Shoffy and lush synths. The drops go absolutely fire-filled, as expected from the duo.

Moving towards the end, the second last song of the EP is “Dem Fraid” featuring some reggae-infused vocals of Taranchyla. An intriguing break goes heavy on the drops with Boombox Cartel’s signature winding/unwinding sound.

Ending the EP in style, Boombox Cartel unleash the stunner in collaboration with Quix, following the huge success of ‘Supernatural‘ from the last year. ‘Widdit‘ opens with a calm-before-the-storm atmosphere which only intensifies as it progresses. The drop goes absolutely bonkers with metallic lead and booming 808s. Keeping the contrast of lushness and chaotic bass-heavy energy alive, Boombox Cartel and Quix please the fans yet again!

The whole EP is sonically and visually, a cohesive unit. The sounds and feel of all the songs are in sync with each other. The songs tell their respective parts of the story. Same goes for the cover arts on the singles and the EP. Boombox Cartel have delivered a truly rich production with this EP.

Cartel EP is out now via Mad Decent and you can grab your copy from here.

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