Could Ultra Music Festival Be Heading To India?

Ultra Music Festival India

Don’t jump off of your seats just yet! But if there’s one good new that might be looming on the horizon, it looks like Ultra Music Festival might be coming to India. With the debut of multiple international dance music events in India having already taken place over the past twelve months with Electric Daisy Carnival, Sensation, Don’t Let Daddy Know, and more, Ultra might be next!

Undeniably one of the biggest festival brands in the world, UMF has not only played a vital role over the years to propel dance music towards the mainstream as the showstopper event of Miami Music Week, but has also united artists and fans from all over the world. Moreover, having expanded to 20 locations around the world with Ultra Worldwide, the coveted music festival might be all set to add India to its ever-growing list of events.

As posted by the festival on multiple social media platforms earlier today, they announced that Ultra will be announcing “BRAND NEW locations for Ultra events…“. And with the Indian market having already been recognized as one of the hottest emerging markets for dance music during recent years, the off-chances don’t seem too far fetched!

With Ultra Music Festival set to kick off later today in Miami, stay tuned for the latest updates.

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