Watch This: Swarathma Take On Parental Pressure On Teens With Their New Track


Image Credits: Avinash Shetty

If you’ve ever heard your parents compare your academic performance with other kids, then Swarathma’s new music video, ‘Beta Sweater Pehno‘, will strike a chord with you. Bangalore based Indian folk-rock band, Swarathma highlight the pressure faced by students during examinations. The band’s newly released song and video is a satirical take on the pressure of parental expectation on teenagers and the loneliness and isolation that they go through in such situations.

The music video features the band members in school uniform going through the motions of school life with comic melancholy. Shot in Mysore, the video features the band members playing the role of students, where the school is used as a metaphor for the institutional pressure that teens go through.

Check out the video here below!

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