Preview: Dabin feat. Koda – Worries

Dabin Worries

Having recently returned from a whirlwind 30-day tour with Black Tiger Sex Machine, the emerging Toronto-based producer Dabin pops his head back up to deliver yet another engaging number. After dropping shadowy hints to his upcoming album ‘Two Hearts’, Dabin keeps the teasing fresh and flowing as he gives us ‘Worries’, a tune entrenched in emotions that makes for some immersive listening, and gives us an insiders view into what he’s got up his sleeve before the official release of his EP on March 31!

Starting with shimmery, slow string work, the vocals plunge in with a hoarse, whispery tone as they haunt the track with a mystical touch. The soft and melodic atmosphere that surrounds Koda’s vocal chords is an emotional journey that spirals into a melodic melange of powerful guitar licks, strong percussion, glistening synths and bassy chops stuck in a lurching loop. This one is such a stunner, laced with all the makings of future bass, dubstep and trap, as it transcends both its genre and the experience it carves out for listeners. 

Have your own listen right below. For those that absolutely can’t contain the anticipation building up to March 31, you can pre-order the album here!

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