Kaskade feat. Laura Lamn + S2_Cool – Woman

Kaskade Woman

2017 has been ripe with women’s involvement in the political scenario, so it’s only fitting that this inclusion extends towards the music world too. A song debuted at one of his previous LA sets, we have Kaskade serving up an International Women’s Day tribute to music’s favourite muse: the ‘Woman’. Recruiting rapper chick Laura Lamn and the groovy touch of S2_Cool, Kaskade gives us a recreated entity inspired by Chaka Khan’s sensational ‘I’m Every Woman’.

Up for grabs with a generous free download release, ’Woman’ is a wonderfully brewed deep house mix with bubbling beats and a swaying soul that catches onto you instantly. What makes this release even better is the garrulously vibrant video that comes in tow!

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