John 00 Fleming Releases Third Edition of his “The Journey – J00F Editions” Compilation

One of the biggest icons of electronic music, John OO Fleming is undoubtedly an extraordinary personality in the scene. With a career spanning more than 20 years, JOOF has always been a visionary about the direction of electronic music and people will always be grateful for his contributions. From producing music and playing live to supporting underground talents and providing music for movies and documentaries, he’s done it all. He’s truly a legend!

John OO Fleming has always been an advocate of intimate and longer sets. Empowering the same, 2014 saw the release of his “The Journey – JOOF Editions Vol. 2” which spanned over 4 hours, featuring some of the best underground music around. The genres are no bar in J00F Editions as he sets the mood with a variety of genres like Techno, Deep House, Tribal, House, Psy-Trance and more. After shaking things up in the compilation paradigm with this legendary release, it’s been almost 3 years. Finally, JOOF has unveiled his third edition of “The Journey – J00F Editions” which spans over a remarkable time amount of 5+ hours.

The Journey – J00F Editions Vol. 3” expands on JOOF‘s previous The Journey aspect of genres-no-bar only with a longer continuous mix and more of quality music. Setting a perfect mood with perfect soundtracks, J00F’s expertise of DJing for 20+ years can be heard with this captivating compilation album which features warehouse music from the likes of Rick Pier O’Neil, The Digital Blonde, Ovnimoon, Gordey Tsukanov, Satinka and other producers too many to mention. You’ll also find plenty from the deep realm like Jerome Isma Ae, Gai Barone, Tim Penner, as well as full on hard Trance artists like Sean Tyas, Will Atkinson, Christopher Lawrence and Relativ. You’ll know how aptly it’s named The Journey as you progress through the album!

John OO Fleming‘s “The Journey – J00F Editions vol. 3” is out now and JOOF Recordings and you can grab your copy from here. Check the whole tracklist below:

Solar Fields ‘The Road To Nothingness’
Anthony G ‘Nestinari’ (RPO Remix)
Suprsi ‘Mellifluous’
Matt Holliday ‘Multiverse’
Manu Riga & Mandy Jones ‘Disconnected’
Organic Function ‘Benign’
Robert Babicz ‘Auralphase’ (Cid Inc. Vs Darin Epsilon Remix)
Gai Barone ‘Mom’s Clown’ (Tim Penner Remix)
Pat Siaz ‘VIKHR’ (Kapshul Remix)
Rick Pier O’Neil ‘Misty Rising’
John 00 Fleming ‘Spirit Awaking’
Tim Penner ‘The Temptress’
Paul Hamilton ‘Time’ (Subandrio Remix)
Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor ‘Tiger’
Paul Thomas‘Sunrise’ (21street Remix)
Anton Chernikov & Digital Blonde ‘Omega’
Rick Pier O’Neil ‘This Way Up’
Skaivox ‘Spica’ (Original Mix)
Moby ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’ (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)
Volto Tesla ‘Trepanation’ (Unstoppable Remix)
Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor ‘Reflection’ (Extended Mix)
Gordey Tsukanov ‘Amphibian’
Airwave ‘The Quest For Beauty’ (Fuel Terrace Remix)
The Digital Blonde ‘Earth Tone’
John 00 Fleming ‘This Restless Planet’
Gai Barone ‘Love Stimulation’
Decode ‘Skychaser’ (Facade Remix)
Anza Off & Sopik ‘Air Force’ (I’Gor Remix)
Shaun Mauren ‘My Dream’ (Eric Sneo Remix- John 00 Fleming 2017 Re-Edit)
Sean Tyas ‘Ambush’ (Reaky Remix)
Eeemus ‘Dunes Of Kaatrah’
Will Atkinson ‘Dusk’
Max Graham ‘Amnesia’ (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
Ticon ‘Extreme Memories’
Amygdala ‘Soaring Flux’
Robert Elster ‘Recrystallization’
Steve Birch ‘Psilocybin Soul’
Ticon ‘Entropy’
Sinerider & Materia ‘Supercell’
Daniel Lesden ‘The Dream Of Electric Sheep’
The Digital Blonde ‘Symposium’
John 00 Fleming ‘Desert Rider’
Liquid Soul ‘I See The Spirit’ (John 00 Fleming Remix)
Ovnimoon ‘You Can Do This’ (Feat Sonidos Alupran)
Robert Vadney & Chris Oblivion ‘Lost Language’ (Stripped Mix)
Side Winder ‘Darvox’ (Satinka Remix)
Visua And Duendo Matka ‘The Theory’
Relativ ‘Back To Infinity’
BPM ‘Yearning’
Christopher Lawrence ‘Banshee’ (Lostly Remix)
John 00 Fleming – Last Night A DJ Saved My Night (Ambient Mix)


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