Preview: Passion Pit – Somewhere Up There

Passion Pit Somewhere Up There

After the 2015 stunner “Kindred“, we have synth-pop band Passion Pit back in the limelight with the successive release of their brand new ‘Somewhere Up There’, an intricately elaborate follow up of their release on Monday titled ‘Inner Dialogue’. The track comes across as a passionate acknowledgement of the relationship lead singer Michael Angelakos, who battles a bipolar disorder, has with his mother, lending it that heart warming poignant touch that stays as an irreplaceable element.

Kicking things off with a tender and glistening arpeggio, this track scales into a reconstruction lined with distorted falsetto and an instrument packed beat, before ending in an abrupt fashion. It steadily gives way to a lyrical yet prosaic part that discusses the sacred bond shared by a mother and newborn and smashes right into the sentimental sphere as it finishes off with some atmospheric feels and an authentic voice mail from Michael’s mother, squeezing out all those emotions you felt surge within you right from the point this track started.

You can listen to this touching track right below!

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