How Vh1 Supersonic Is Pushing Hip-Hop And Bass Music To The Masses

With its quickly growing ecosystem, India is undoubtedly a huge market for the music industry. We hear bigger and bigger artists from around the world making their way to India. Promoters are making ties with world renowned events and festivals to bring them to the Indian sub-continent. Even small event agencies are starting which are bringing unique and well-known talents to the country while giving the push to the homegrown artists. For its combined effect over time, the country has developed a substantial fan following around a range of music genres. The promoters and sponsors are thriving and consistently improving the quality of the services and experience they offer. With the increasing support from the people, this experience is only gonna get bigger and better.

Like India’s culture, its music scene is indeed diverse. Among the Rock, EDM, Indie and more, today we would like to draw your attention to India’s rising scene of Bass and Hip-Hop music. We are talking about DJs and artists who have always gone the extra mile to dig the quality music and have delivered to the people. These people endured big deal of resistance from the crowds, venues, and what not, but with their dedication and love for the genre, they have managed to push the Bass and Hip-Hop domain to the masses.

While DJs like DJ SA have been spreading Hip-Hop over the past several years, artists like Sound Avtar and B.R.E.E.D are keeping the Indian people up to date with the best of bass music from around the world. Moreover, Nucleya and Su Real have also kept the desi vibes alive within Bass and Hip-Hop by collaborating with artists like Divine and Karma. Not to forget, DJs like Teri Miko whom we have made our own now, add fuel to the rising fire of bass and hip-hop scene of India. It truly is remarkable that cities with a prominent nightlife have regular bass shows with a great crowd pull.

With a significant growth in the Indian event and festival scene, many great Hip-Hop and Bass artists have toured India in the recent times, including legends like Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. With this great and actively increasing support, this community is bound to prosper with greater things. While this scene’s voice was (and it still is) getting actively louder, the people working behind the scenes in the industry were quietly listening and delivering to the demands. Pushing things to the next level, a big gesture was set to unveil itself showing all those people that something is coming.

Enter the lineup announcement of Vh1 Supersonic, it became apparent that the Supercrew heard them loud and clear. With a Hip-Hop heavyweight tipped as one of the headliners, the super crew also announced some of the best bass/hip-hop artists around. As the veteran artist and multiple Grammy Awards winner, Macklemore gears up to headline the festival, Vh1 Supersonic is further pushing Hip-Hop to the main stage with our homeboys DJ SA and DJ Uri on the support. The festival is surely working as a catalyst that the scene benefits from. An unique characteristic of Hip-Hop is that it is always present in all the other kinds of music. After all, that is how it came to existence. The romance of Hip-Hop and dance Music world has been known for a long time and there would’ve not been a better time to bring up Hip-Hop to the dance music paradigm of India.

The lineup of Vh1 Supersonic features the Drum & Bass icon from Brazil, DJ Marky who is an accomplished entity with residencies at best places around the world and boasts of his signature, renowned sound. Giving you the taste of his diverse styles in Bass music, Breakage will take the stage at Vh1 Supersonic. The team up of Dub Phizix and Strategy will be unleashing trembling vibrations over world-class freestyling with their ultimate UK DnB and Bass sounds. With her waving style of mixing genres, DJ Barely Legal would be an absolute treat to catch live. The crew member of UK’s prestigious Shiva Soundsystem, Nerm will also be playing at the festival and the rising homegrown gems like Sickflip and Tarqeeb will be giving you the taste of Indian scene.

Isn’t that a killer experience lined up for Hip-Hop and Bass lovers?

All in all, it is quite clear that the 2017 edition of Vh1 Supersonic is proving to be a great boost to the country’s Hip-Hop and Bass music scene, with not only one or two artists but a heavy-duty squad. Make sure you do not miss this one because this year’s Vh1 Supersonic will be one for the books!

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Photo Credit: Nishant Matta, Legero.inMitchell Overton and Vh1 Supersonic

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