Galantis – Rich Boy (Original Mix)

After almost a year of the release of No Money, the sensational Swedes, Galantis have released a sister song titled “Rich Boy“. The song is a signature Galantis piece with its melody driven, happy taste.  As the  ‘Runaway‘ hitmakers mentioned, they stumbled upon the sample of an 8-year-old girl (which is used in the song). Next thing we know, things fell together as they have released a perfect follow-up to “No Money”.

Rich Boy” is led by the aforementioned vocal sample. A great touch of tasteful plucks and chords dominates the breaks. With its teasing percussion, the buildup leaves us to the climax with a bouncy lead accompanied by a perfect chord sequence. “Rich Boy” keeps the tempo a bit lower than standard festival tracks, with its shuffling rhythm. In Galantis’ own style this track is full of joy, happy vibes and some surprising stuff (for which you’ll have to listen to it).

Galantis‘ latest single “Rich Boy” is out now via Big Beat/Atlantic Records and you can grab your copy from here.

Check the official lyric video:

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