Flume – Skin Companion EP II

Following up his tasteful album Skin from last year, the Australian maestro, Flume had unveiled his Skin Companion EP in November. If we talk 2017, Flume recently bagged the prestigious Grammy award for the Best Dance/Electronic Album with Skin. Again, to take it one step further, Flume has unveiled his Skin Companion EP II. The four-track EP contains collaborations with Pusha T, Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley and singer-songwriter Moses Sumney.

First track off the Skin Companion EP II is the much awaited Pusha T collaboration titled ‘Enough‘. With this track, Flume tries his craft in industrial Hip-Hop with his ever-surprising beats and dark, ethery sound design. Sophisticated, neat production of Flume is working perfectly with Pusha T’s ominous rap. With more of a euphoric touch, the second track of the EP, ‘Weekend‘ features the singer-songwriter, Moses Sumney. Flume’s dynamic drum patterns soon join the silky synths and reverberating plucks. Sumney’s refreshing vocals join the mix as the break hits and suddenly the atmosphere is all deep and calm. Flume concludes the track with some stimulating piano work and strings as the outro drops us right into the next one.

The next one on the EP is a solo production of Flume, “Depth Charge“. The instrumental slowly builds with the opening filters of synths and gradually loudening of drums. After giving an energetic preview of the climax, Flume builds the intriguing atmosphere with added vocal effects on the break. Plucky swells can be heard adding more of randomness to the track in a complementing manner.

To close the EP on a high note, Flume unveils “Fantastic” which features the Glass Animals frontman, Dave Bayley. A glitchy intro with a monophonic analogue sound soon turns into a groovy beat as Dave’s ghostly vocals join in. The flute-inspired melody that was featured in the intro, takes the lead as it’s accompanied by airy synths and charming arpeggios. All in all, the mysterious and deep atmosphere stay intact during the whole track and the same can be said about the EP! As all of these productions were worked together during the making of Skin, it’s wonderful how they work as a cohesive unit. With his unique style Flume never ceases to amaze the fans!

Flume‘s Skin Companion EP II is out now via Future Classic and you can grab your copy from here. Stream it below!

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