You Need To Watch Indian Producer Shivv’s Soul Stirring Music Video For “Vande Mataram”!

One of India’s hottest dance music upstarts, Shivv has been making some serious moves as of late. Having already stamped his name within the industry, and with an elusive mainstage appearance at Ultra Music Festival under his belt, the talented producer is looking to steadily rise up the ranks.

And now fresh off the release of his phenomenal 2-track “No Lipstick No Love” EP as part of his birthday celebrations, the producer has now caught our eye yet again with a soul stirring music video of his recent single “Vande Mataram“. An impressive electronica-influenced recreation of the National Song of India, the notable vocal effort by Viraj Bahri shines throughout the entirety of the track.

Shining light on the armed forces of India, the visuals put into focus how the population enjoys its freedom and independence while our brave men and women work around the clock to maintain the country’s security. As today marks India’s 68th Republic Day, watch the stellar music video below!


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