Watch This: Marshmello’s Helmet Is Cut Open To Reveal What’s Inside

Watch This: Marshmello's Helmet Is Cut Open To Reveal What's Inside

While the identity of Marshmello is something that has caught the imagination of many a fans, his helmet is a close second when it comes to the masked DJ/producer’s persona.

Recently, the popular YouTube channel ‘What’s Inside‘ went to a Marshmello show to get their hands on an authentic Marshmello helmet to see, as the name suggests, what’s inside it. The duo couldn’t get the latest LED version, due to one of the spare helmets being broken by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), so they had to make do with an older one to explore the insides.

Check out the video here below, and find out what’s actually inside the helmet, how it is made and much more.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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