Soundcloud Strikes Yet Again, Removes Martin Garrix’s Music

If you thought SoundCloud was done taking down music from artist’s profiles, you might want to hold on to your horses. Having taken down music from artists such as Ookay (whose account was taken down in its entirety), Martin Garrix, Knife Party and many more earlier, only to reinstate it back, the music streaming giant is back at it again.

Martin Garrix posted a tweet a couple of hours ago, with a screenshot displaying emails from SoundCloud notifying him that a number of his tracks have been removed from his profile, including ‘Poison’, ‘Lions In The Wild’, ‘Bouncy Bob’ and ‘Break Through The Silence‘. This comes after Garrix’s collaboration with Usher, ‘Don’t Look Down‘, was taken down back in 2015, which was then later reinstated.

SoundCloud‘s automatic protection system has previously drawn flak for the same issue, and whether the company will take any actions regarding this remains to be seen.

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