Porter Robinson Disowns His Entire Catalog Except For These Tracks!

Porter Robinson Disowns His Entire Catalog Except For These Tracks!

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One of the most prominent figures within the dance music spectrum, Porter Robinson caused some unpredictable chaos after he shockingly disowned his entire music catalog except a few of his chosen productions that has taken shape over the past several years.

In a tweet posted earlier this week, the highly acclaimed act shared a screenshot of a Spotify playlist which featured 11 of his own productions and termed them as the “canon“. Labeling every other track of his as “unofficial“, he wrote in the tweet saying: “i’ve been making music for 12 years and i only wrote 11 songs, wow.

While fans were left scratching their head, if Porter had consciously made this crucial announcement or was it a sarcastic reaction following the publishing of “This is: Porter Robinson” playlist on Spotify, many questioned his decision while others stood by the prodigious act.

Fast forward to today, Porter took to Snapchat earlier today to post a series of snaps in order to clear up the air. Not only did he confirm that his earlier statements weren’t sarcastic, but even informed fans that the playlist was created by the producer himself. While the Spotify playlist currently holds a total of 24 tracks, it is void of his most notable tracks including “Fresh Static Snow,” “Goodbye to a World,” and his remix of Nero‘s “The Thrill”.

“don’t wanna bump that thread on twitter but because people are misunderstanding it: i am literally saying those are the only songs that i stand by. i was not being sarcastic. that was a playlist that i made to showcase the music that i feel proud of. it was not sarcasm. that tweet was 100% unprovoked by anything specific. just wanted to let you know how i feel!”

Check out the playlist here and snaps below!

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