Parra For Cuva Feat Bijou – On A Life (Original Mix)

After a memorable set filled with some of the greatest tunes on a platter at Sunburn Hills 2016 in Pune, India, Parra For Cuva emerges once more, this time to give the world a fresh new release, featuring the dreamy vocal abilities of Bijou as they team up to birth ‘On A Life’, a crackling collection of wind-beaten layers that are beautifully emergent. With a crispy share of airy pads, whispering vocals, the track progresses with eased steps, bursting with Parra For Cuva’s signature multi-instrumental testers and a flowing rhythm that only adds to its soothing sense, as playful piano keys pave the way for an instrumental finale. This song is a radiantly refreshing jewel and takes the listener on a smooth emotive journey that leaves a chill in their spine.

Don’t forget to be a part of this journey by checking out the track right below. You can also buy it off iTunes.


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