Nora En Pure – Diving With Whales (Daniel Portman Remix)

It’s no surprise that everyone wants a pick at fashioning tunes carved out by Deep House and Indie Music goddess Nora En Pure, who has timelessly and effortlessly contributed her catchy and clean-cut brand of music to the electronic music sphere. Now, we have the Swiss House Producer Daniel Portman putting in his hat with a brand-new remix of Nora’s ‘Diving With Whales’.

Turning around the track into its simplest, possibly most mellow form, Daniel Portman reimagines it as largely liquid tune with dewy piano keys that build up to the crashing waves of finger snapping beats and mystical vocal hooks, outlining the appeal of the ocean creatures this song is devoted to. The song is a collection of smooth, flowy sound and ends with a deliciously deep stagger that makes for some immersive listening and blooms with the perfect makings of a beachside bash or a quiet evening by the sea. 

You can check this one out below. Out now on Beatport.


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