Axwell Talks About How He Got His Name And Upcoming Track On Vh1 Inside Access

Photo Credit: Billboard

Photo Credit: Billboard

Two decades ago, Sven Axel Christofer Hedfors took to the stage and carved his now much popular stage name Axwell into our hearts. Then be it the iconic trio of Swedish House Mafia or Axwell /\ Ingrosso with Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell always found a way to erase the barricades and continue his experimentation with progressive house. You know it’s an Axwell track when you hear one, that’s the beauty of his signature style.

India over the years has had a very special connection with Axwell, from his chilling days in Goa to performing almost annually over the last few years, the romance between India and Axwell is always on a high. And this past weekend, the Swedish veteran took over the latest episode of Vh1 Inside Access.

“You know, actually, here, it’s garlic naan and butter chicken!”

Speaking on his love for Indian food and the establishment of his moniker, Axwell opened up gracefully on Vh1 Inside Access and had the following things to add:

“Well you know, in school, we just gave each other names, nick names all the time. And mine actually evolved from when I started to make music. My real name is Axel, so it just came from there. Axel, Axelars, Uxel and then it went to Maxwell House for a little bit and then it just came down to Axwell.”

The world phenomenon went on to add that he would had been a computer nerd of sorts if not a DJ, claiming that’s how he got into Music initially. Axwell is ‘Axwell’ for the charming person and the master of progressive house that he is. And thus hereby leaving Axel, Axelars, Uxel or even Maxwell House up for grabs as a moniker.

Moreover, the legendary act also dished out details about his upcoming release with Sebastian Ingrosso. Titled “I Love You“, the brand new track is all set to be released this Friday on 27th of January. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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