Tiesto Discusses New Record Label, Swedish House Mafia’s Reunion And Much More In Latest Interview

2016 has been a rather tumultuous year for Dutch veteran Tiesto. While he released 6 new singles over the course of the year, he also had to cancel his headlining performance at Creamfields Peru due to safety reasons.

In a recent interview with Billboard, the electro house gargantuan talks about his personal highs and lows of 2016, his deep house record label AFTR:HRS and the new compilation, a possible Swedish House Mafia reunion and much more. Check out some excerpts here below.

Discussing his motivation to start a new deep house record label, he said:

The motivation is that this is so different than what I normally do on festivals. I feel like when I play a big festival or a big concert, I play musical freedom. And musical freedom stands for everything I can play, but everything is still very uplifting and it could be an indie track or a rock track and it’ll still be that uplifting energy. And for AFTR:HRS I really wanted to make a mellow, chill kind of vibe, so more like warmer and relaxing house music.

Speaking about the rumours of a Swedish House Mafia reunion, he said:

I think it would be great for dance music. The guys are doing pretty well solo but together they are pretty special so I would think, yeah if they can make more tracks like they did — like “One” and the “Don’t You Worry Child” it would be great for dance, absolutely!

Speaking about the AFTR:HRS compilation and the process of putting it together, he said:

It’s not necessarily music that I’m going to play out but I like to listen to it when I’m on the beach, or on holiday or in my car. It’s more like a mellow kind of dance music, but it still kind of has a bit of a beat so it’s still kind of uplifting in a way. So that was like my first thought, like, “I want to put out a compilation like that because no one really does that.” And it’s always been my hobby so it’s like a little side project for me. It’s been like a process for a year. Just every month I find a new track and sign them on to my label and that’s the stuff I’ve collected over the last year I think, so it’s like an ongoing process. And it reminds me a little bit of like the older trance tracks I used to make back in the day — the same melancholic feeling in the tracks and it’s like more a little bit emotional and warm. So yeah, more melancholic music I think.

Listen to the full mix here below.

Check out the full interview here.

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