Swedish House Mafia: Will They Or Will They Not Reunite In 2017?

Swedish House Mafia: Will They Or Will They Not Reunite In 2017?

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Will they or won’t they? That’s the question that has plagued every Swedish House Mafia fan’s mind, ever since the Swedish trio split in 2013. With 2017 itself having seen numerous rumours about the trio reuniting for a 2017 tour, with the former members and their manager, Amy Thomson having to deny the rumours, there’s yet another report that suggests that SHM are coming back next year.

According to multiple sources close to Billboard, Swedish House Mafia will be reuniting in 2017, though Amy Thomson has categorically denied the news. The sources also revealed that the group will be playing at Ultra Miami in March, as well as Los Angeles and New York. Speaking to Billboard, Amy Thomson said:

There’s no reunion of Swedish House Mafia planned at all. Even if there was, it’s ridiculously private. They’re not playing at Ultra. There’s no reunion tour planned.

While a reunion would definitely be a welcome news for the industry and the fans, the final call would be between the artists and the management, and whether they would want to come back together after 3 years. Till then, all we can do is wait and watch.

Source: Billboard

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