Preview: Jeremy Olander – Shuttle (Original Mix)

Jeremy Olander - Shuttle (Original Mix)

Vivrant label boss Jeremy Olander is wrapping up his 2016 in raging style. Having established himself as a one of the most sought after artists in progressive house circuit, Olander has released music under his Dhillon alias this year as well, and now returns to his original name with a new EP that is no less than a masterpiece. ‘Shuttle’ from his three-tracker “Caravelle” EP stands previewed and is a sweet indication of what to expect from the upcoming full EP. The track begins with a deep kick and grows with mysterious groovy synth pattern to reach a build up that’s eclectic to say the least.

Nice and warm soundscape of a hypnotic melody graduates towards a breakdown that’s hitting as the kick and bassline return back. His ethereal arrangement of complex elements that is a signature style of Olander shines bright as usual. Definitely a treat for progressive fans, ‘Shuttle’ lands as a part of “Caravelle” EP on December 23rd. Until then, take a taste off the luscious preview below:

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