Autograf – Episode (Original Mix)

This one goes out to all those Thug Life fans out there, as the classic hip-hop anthem, Dr Dre’s ‘Next Episode’ receives a major tilt shift with the future house trio Autograf’s latest production effort! This creation, proclaimed as tour bus experimentation and released for free download, is a tester of sorts and heralds this deeper dimension the trio seems to have delved into with their all-new ‘Episode’.

This reimagined track plunges down a path of darker depths, containing a droopy and hard-hitting baseline with a fusion of shimmering synths and echoing vocals, only to diverge into a variety of twinkling synth-work, bouncy beats and a beautiful touch of ghostly instrumentation that adds an ethereal and mystical air to this classic, cranking it straight to a uplifting yet darkness-dipped edit, worthy of some dance-floor swaying!

Get your earphones turned up and ready as you wade into the dark waters of this track below, and don’t forget to cannon ball this opportunity with a FREE DOWNLOAD!

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