Alpha X Omega ft. Dylan Matthew – YOU & I (Original Mix)

Known for notorious remixes, the Delhi-based duo, Alpha X Omega is here with a brand new original “You & I“. This lush pop song features the American singer-songwriter and producer, Dylan Matthew. He has delivered some tasteful pop songs himself and has collaborated on Kayzo‘s recent Black & White EP released on Barong Family. When the collaborating trio decided to work together, results were bound to be impressive.

Alpha x Omega and Dylan Matthew‘s “You & I” builds on melancholic chords with soft synths and guitar tones. Dylan Matthew’s bright vocals are giving a story to the track that takes the spotlight. The verse unleashes lovely future bass-infused chords accompanied by a catchy vocal chop melody.

Composed with the certified working formula currently around, “You & I” takes the “simple yet catchy” route. With its structure and sound design, it’s not hard to subconsciously compare it to some of The Chainsmokers‘ recent work. Delivering a quality song, Alpha X Omega impress yet again!

Alpha X Omega‘s “You & I” ft. Dylan Matthew is out now and you can grab your copy on iTunes from here. Check it out!

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