7 Reasons Why You Need To Be At A Day of sLick 2x Goa!


7 Reasons Why You Need To Be At A Day of sLick 2x Goa!

A Day of sLick! is set to be upon us in a week’s time and believe us or not, it’s going to be ‘2x’ the fun! sLick’s prime property is gearing up for a monumental return as the highly popular event is all set to make its grand debut in Goa and will be held over a span of two days from 26-27th December.

With a massive lineup on offer, it is going to be a stellar affair, and if you were still in two minds, we at TBB are providing you with 7 Reasons To Attend A Day of sLick! 2x Goa.

Read on.


Not One, But Two Days Of Madness!

One of the most loved dance music events in India, A Day Of sLick! is making a return in the most stupendous way possible! Having already hosted single day parties all across India, they are taking things up a notch to mark the perfect end to your year. With not one, but two days of crazy festivities lined up, you just can’t miss out!


A Spectacular Lineup For The Ultimate Musical Experience!


Shall we get started? If you have managed to take a peek at the entire lineup by now, you’re ought to be gasping for breath! With the likes of Boris Brejcha and fellow label mates Ann Clue and Deniz Bul on the bill, the crew will be joining the party to celebrate the one year anniversary of FCKNG SERIOUS. Moreover, with sensational performances by international heavyweights like Tijana T, Dustin Zahn, Patrice Bäumel and Seven Doors lined up, it is ought to be the most epic party.


A Day Of sLick Is Heading To The Party Capital of India!

10606178_905919496126547_4382157057722923073_nYou heard that one right! After hosting multiple editions of A Day Of sLick! throughout the country over the past few years, the party bandwagon is finally headed to Goa! Renowned as the ultimate party destination of India, sLick’s flagship property is going grand in every single aspect. But hey, we aren’t complaining, are we?

A Sensational Showcase Of Some Of The Finest Indian Talents

Featuring some of the finest Indian acts like Kohra, Sequ3l, Oozeundat, Priyanjana and many more, the native roster will come together to throw down one of the finest parties over the course of two days at one of the finest destinations in Goa.




Get ready as FCKNG SERIOUS label boss Boris Brejcha is making his way to Goa to headline A Day Of sLick! 2x this time! And if anything is to go by, it’s going to be a belter of a night. Known for his unique brand of music which combines influences from minimal, techno and even electro, you just can’t find a better candidate to close down your night with!


The Perfect Venue For The Perfect Party!

one-degree-1A surreal venue for the perfect 2-day musical extravaganza, Waters Beach Lounge And Grill is set to be the epicenter of fun. With an extravagant venue overlooking the beach shores of Anjuna, Waters’ overall atmosphere and great vibes will be the perfect accompaniment to one of the hottest dance music parties in Goa!


Good Vibes Only!

10997697_905920199459810_4497874280605573739_nA Day Of sLick! promises to be an event which will only be looking to promote good vibes only amongst the audience. The two-day mini festival of sorts is ought to be the perfect Christmas gift, and with an incredible venue set to host the most memorable party of 2016, things simply can’t go wrong!


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