Alternative Careers For Your Favourite DJs If They Gave Up Music

DJs Alternative Careers

Seeing our favourite DJs live is a memory we cherish for quite a long time. But what if your favourite artists were never DJs to begin with? What if Dillon Francis was not the guy behind ‘Get Low‘, but just a comedian making Vines. Or DJ Snake was just a herpetologist? Makes you think, huh?

We list out some alternative careers for some of your favourite DJs if they were to ever give up music, Check them out below.


Dillon Francis – Comedian

This one had to be on the list, and we’re pretty sure you all could easily guess this too. Dillon Francis is hands down one of the funniest people in the dance music scene today, and had it not been for his Moombahton beats, who knows the ‘Masta Blasta’ star would’ve been giving the likes of Piques and Nick Colletti a run for their money with his Vines.


Hardwell – Bungee Jumping Instructor

What’s Hardwell got to do with bungee jumping, you wonder? Well both of them have one similar thing. Hardwell likes everyone to “f*cking jump* during his sets, and bungee jumping literally requires you to jump. What other job could be better than telling people when to and when not to jump. Match made in heaven, right?


Skrillex and David Guetta – Brand Ambassadors For A Shampoo Brand

Besides their incredible music, both David Guetta and Skrillex have one thing in common. Their hair. With Guetta’s flowing locks that could give Rapunzel serious hair goals, or Skrillex’s more grunge-ish hair style, both these dance music icons could easily be brand ambassadors for a shampoo brand. L’Oreal maybe? Because they’re worth it!


Calvin Harris – Model

You had to see that coming. The world’s highest paid DJ has already modeled for Calvin Klein, and if things don’t work out for Adam in the music industry in the near future (doesn’t seem like it though), he can very well turn to modelling and continue earning those big bucks.


Tiesto – Fitness Instructor

Photo Credit: Rukes

The ‘World’s Greatest DJ’ seems aptly prepared to become the ‘World’s Greatest Fitness Instructor’, with his biceps big enough to carry Martin Garrix anywhere. He’ll even “edit” your diet chart accordingly to the kind of physique you want.


Carnage – Chipotle Food Truck Owner

Papi Gordo’s love for Chipotle is well documented, and what better career for him than owning a Chipotle food truck. Who knows, maybe he’ll park his food truck right outside Tiesto’s gym.


Steve Aoki – Baker

If there’s anything Steve Aoki likes more than the ‘Aoki Jump’, it’s caking his fans at his shows. While a lot of fans appreciate getting caked, the one thing they would appreciate even more would be getting caked with cakes baked especially by Aoki. Well that’s a good business idea for Steve, isn’t it? He could also bake neon cakes in the future.


Above & Beyond – Therapists

Above & Beyond’s music acts like therapy for a lot of people, and it would only be fitting that Tony, Paavo and James could explore being therapists for an alternate career. A one hour session with them could help you achieve ‘Peace of Mind’.


Diplo – Travel Show Host

To say Diplo travels a lot would be an understatement. The one half of Jack U loves documenting his travels on Snapchat and Instagram, and would make for a brilliant travel show host.


Fatboy Slim – Dietitian

Photo Credit: Rukes

Norman Cook or Dr. Fatboy Slim would be the best bet for a dietitian, helping overweight people lose weight. He could even have visiting hours at Tiesto’s gym. Perfect combination!

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