As fans eagerly await the release of Knife Party‘s forthcoming album, the mad scientists continue to build hype and excitement regarding the record with sensational announcements.

After fresh news emerged just a couple of days back, the Aussie duo have now officially announced their soon to be released album’s title via Twitter revealing that the album shall be entitled, “Abandon Ship”.

Further, in addition to the latest information, the world renowned producers have given away some free preset downloads which as you would expect, exceeded the 1000 cap download limit rather swiftly. Don’t fret though, because Knife Party have re-uploaded them just for you and if the download links below aren’t working you could try this one instead.



As we draw closer to the impending release of “Abandon Ship” and with a new Pendulum album still to come, 2014 seems to be shaping up to be quite a colossal year for fans of Swire and McGrillen’s punishing brand of electronic music. Well, get ready because to begin, the former is soon making it’s way to you!

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