Anish Sood feat. Zoë Klinck - We Won't Stay (Original Mix)

Indian producer/DJ Anish Sood, can easily be regarded as one of the most recognisable faces in the country’s dance music scene and has over due course of time built a reputation of being one of the most noteworthy names to have emerged from the the country.

The astoundingly talented producer has now, released his highly awaited single “We Won’t Stay”, a groovy, deep-house production which comes as a departure from the kind of music he is usually known for. Venturing out of the comfort zone of big-room/electro tunes which he gets to play at clubs and concerts, “We Won’t Stay” checks all the boxes that one would expect from a mesmerizing deep-house production.

To add to that, British singer Zoe Klinck‘s warm vocals act as a good accompaniment to the percussive beat that permeates throughout the track, highlighting Anish’s influences and inclination to explore the more layered sounds that dance music offers.

Speaking about the collaboration Anish said, “This track with Zoe represents a very distinct shift in production style for me. I wrote the song in a very traditional manner giving Zoe’s vocal ample space to stand out which I think is very important with vocal tracks. The arrangement also caters more towards radio play and listeners rather than DJs, which is again a first for me. I do plan to get a more four-to-the-floor-remix done in the near future though”.

Keen to expand and experiment with his sound, 2014 will see Anish turn tricks as a producer and DJ. “I’m working with a bunch of great indie singers and producers who have a very distinct sound so I’m really excited about the new direction that my music is taking. I’m trying to use a ton of live elements within my productions – sampling guitars, string and brass sections – to make them sound a bit more fresh”, said Anish of his 2014 plans.

“We Won’t Stay” is available as a free download, grab it now!

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