American super talent Porter Robinson gave his fans a double surprise this week as he announced the release date of his highly anticipated debut album “Worlds” alongside the release of the albums second single “Sad Machine“. With the album to hit stores on August 12th, the track itself found an exclusive release on iTunes, as the genre-defining track debuts the vocal talents of Robinson himself!




Fusing plenty of counter melodies with heady percussion work, the vocal work is accentuated by the eerie atmospherics and FX now synonymous with Robinson‘s musical style. Describing his vocal work as a “duet between a lonely robot girl and the human boy”, here’s what Robinson had to say.


I didn’t have much time before I had to turn in the entire album, so I just sang the male parts, I wanted something that felt distantly sad, a little cute, surreal, hopeful, and maybe somehow evocative of fiction? It’s also peppered with cheap little general-midi interludes that sound like N64 games or old PC games. Those are so nostalgic to me and they really helped the whole thing feel all fantastical and fictional.


With just weeks to go before his debut album hits the market, all eyes are on this prodigal 21 year old producer. You can purchase the track ‘Sad Machine’ here and pre-order “Worlds” here.



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