Popeska feat. Denny White – Heart Of Glass (Original Mix)

If you’ve kept up with all the releases in the EDM world lately, there seems to be general types of tracks including the bangers, the trance upbeats, and the feel-good euphoric vibes and hereby Kindergarten Records partisan, Popeska, squeezes the melodic side of electro on his new-fangled release ‘Heart of Glass.’ The 20 year old straight out of Atlanta, Georgia has hit the elated nail right on the head with release of this track.

Mentioning on his Soundcloud description about not making any part of the composition with any synthesizers, Popeska instead uses flawlessly placed drum kicks, hi-hats and snares to convey the pure, echoing vocals by Denny White that persist all the way through the song. Those looking for a bit of an electro clench need not worry because Popeska strips the track down to its essentials in archetypal Kindergarten fashion.

Surely not to be missed, so get it off iTunes today!

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