Somewhere mid-August and early September, we all heard whispers of a new electronic music festival to be held on the sandy shores of Goa, India,  that would easily rival any other music festival ever held in the country. As time progressed and things started gaining more clarity, it became more clear to us that one of the biggest harbingers of the Dance Music scene in India, Nikhil Chinappa, had a major role to play in the conception and production of this new event.


Before long, Nikhil Chinappa was heard telling scores of people, “If you have plans to come to Goa in December, don’t change them”.  All this eventually culminated in the publishing of a note on Nikhil’s Facebook page (which you can read here), that shed a lot more light on the whispers that we were made privy to, confirming that there was indeed going to be a new festival on the shores of Goa during the last week of December.
There were also rumours that the big brains behind Electric Daisy Carnival,i.e.  Insomniac Events, would be partners in terms of production! Can’t get bigger than that now, can it?


As time progressed, and as our curiosity burned within us, we were dying to find out more about this festival, which according to Chinappa, was about “Music and our love for it. ” Before long, it was made very evident that the new festival was in association with LIVE Viacom18, one of India’s biggest media firms, and was titled Vh1 Supersonic. What’s more, Nikhil Chinappa was on board as festival director.

Vh1 Supersonic

Fast forward to today.  After a long process of dropping hints and leaving scores of dance music fans in the lurch in a squabble to find out what all the buzz was about, we know that Vh1 Supersonic is a massive 5 day community centric festival, that focuses on purely the Music,  to be held on the beaches of Candolim, Goa, from the 26th to the 30th of December, this year. 

Nikhil Chinappa tweeted:

After which the official twitter handle for the festival, tweeted:

Adding more fuel to the flames of curiosity, they addded:

According to the festival’s official website, which launched earlier today, Supersonic is music and all that you love about it. It’s dance and that too on the perfect shores of a sunny state in a beautiful land that loves you anyway. It’s Unabashedly happier. Fun-er. Madder, lovelier, obnoxiously superior, sweeter music.


The five day festival will offer music lovers an unparalleled, immersive experience coupled with great music across popular underground electronic music genres. Given Viacom18’s huge broadcast strength, it will leverage the popularity of the iconic music brand Vh1 and other youth & music brands in the network. With considerable knowledge of events across all platforms and in-depth understanding of the Indian dance music industry, the festival will definitely create an unforgettable experience on the sands of Goa.

Jaideep Singh

According to an interview on EverythingExperiential.com, Mr. Jaideep Singh, Sr. Vice President and Business Head – INS, Viacom18 Pvt. Ltd., says that

“The aim of the festival is to restore the spirit of community and passion for music. It will target devoted music lovers by featuring a mix of Indian and international artists – popular and underground. The festival will have a strong local focus, creating a platform to nurture and promote some of India’s best DJs on the same stages as the international artists. Through, Supersonic we will completely focus on delivering a quality experience. With this festival, we will leave no stone unturned to provide a larger than life experience. Over and above everything else, we are also devising a strong plan for the security of women.”

Ok, so far, we know what the festival is about and where it’s going to be held. But who’s playing? According to Jaideep Singh, 

 “We have a very energetic line up which will excite the audience. 60-70% of the artists will be international while 30% will be Indian artists. We have signed a mix of top international headliners plus newcomers. The idea here is to promote both established and new talent. We are in the process of finalizing the lineup which will be announced soon.”

So here’s looking forward to a massive 5 day festival, with stellar international styled production and amazing artists, at an amazing venue! what more could anyone ask for?

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