Grizmatik My people

Ahh.! It already feels like it’s my birthday. Any glitch/bass/dubstep lover would actually, whenever Gramatik and Griz come together for a production. They’ve united their common love for all things funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and bass with their first release Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom. The release was a super huge a success, driving bass lovers into an orgasmic frenzy with its jazz and funk instrumentation and dirty, nasty drops. Now, the ingenious duo are out with their newest, freshest single My People. What’s more this ultra succulent piece of bass filled pie is free for download!

Starting off with a juicy funk riff,soul vocal samples and a hip hop 2 step beat, till it breaks down to a sample of a vocal piece that very appropriately states “Slams so hard in your face” and then BOOM! the oh-so-delicious typical Grizmatik drop, instantly changing the entire vibe to a future-funk feel with a gritty grimey bassline. The last 2 minutes or so of the track is when it mellows out, giving an almost reggae beat and a groovy synthetic sax riff bringing it home before brick-walling us with that dirty bass-filled groove all over.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy today by clicking on the download link.

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